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“Now and then in the heart of Asia I have come upon a lonely tribe living in a little village among an alien population.
No one knows how they came there or why they settled in that spot.
They live their own lives, speak their own language...
No one knows whether they are the descendants of a band that was left behind when their nation swept in a vast horde across the continent or whether they are the dying remnant of some great people that in that country once held empire. They are a mystery.”

Somerset Maugham

THE INSPIRATION: All I needed for inspiration to create a new doll was some polymer clay, my tools and workbench. I never knew what new character was going to emerge when I started working on a face - the end result always took me by surprise.

This said, I always got inspired by nature and by “the beauty which now and then men create out of the chaos. The pictures they paint, the music they compose, the books they write and the lives they lead.”

(The above quotation is also from Somerset Maugham, who is one of my favourite writers.)

ONE OF A KIND: My dolls are unique art objects - no molds were used. Each doll is one of a kind.

THE SWINGS: The dolls have been photographed on or near a brass swing. These swings are fully functional and were handmade by me. The inspiration for this idea came from the happy memories of being on swings in my childhood: the soft wind in my face, the feelings of joy and absolute freedom.

1ST COLLECTION - THE GOWNS: The dolls from my first collection are attired in dressing gowns and pyjamas which were made for them by my mother. From a very young age she was taught how to sew by her Russian grandmother, my beloved great grandmother Klavdia (1895-1997), whose sewing skills were legendary among those who knew her.