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With anything I create, I aim for my work to stand the test of time. This said, the dolls I make are not toys to be played with but art objects which are meant for display purposes only.

All the dolls from my collections are made with polymer clay, which is a sculptable material based on the polymer polyvinyl chloride (PVC). It is only called "clay" because its texture and working properties resemble those of mineral clay. Once baked it becomes very hard plastic.

Please refer to 'the making process - collection 1' and to 'the making process - collection 2' for more information about how the dolls from both collections are made.

Doll care advice:

1) The doll is meant for display purposes only. It should never be dropped, handled roughly or with force.

2) It should also be kept away from heat and direct sunlight as over time this could affect the clay.

3) You should not move the doll's arms and legs backwards, and as soon as you feel any resistance, do not attempt to move them any further as this could cause damage to the doll. This advice mainly refers to the dolls from collection 1 but still the dolls from collection 2 should be handled with care as well.

4) Although the dolls’ fingers have thick aluminium wire inside to give them great support, they should be handled with more care than the rest of the figure as they are covered with a thinner layer of clay. Again, this refers to dolls from collection 1, but the hands and feet of the dolls from collection 2 should be handled with care too.

5) As the doll’s hair and eyelashes are made out of natural mohair and glued onto their heads/eyelids, their hair should not be washed, combed or restyled.

6) Specific advice re dolls from Collection 1: Although I have photographed the dolls without their dressing gowns for the purpose of this website, I advise you not to take any of their clothes off as you could accidentally damage the doll in the process. This is due to the clothes having been made exactly to the measures of each doll, and having then been very carefully fitted onto them in a particular way. In some cases, the dolls have been sawn into their clothes.

7) The dolls are not made to stand up - their natural position is being seated.
The images on this website were you see them standing up are for illustration purposes only in order to give you an idea of their proportions. In each case, I had to very carefully prop each doll up against a swing.
Please do not attempt to make the doll stand up as it will fall and get damaged.

8) To remove any dust from the doll, I would advise the following:
  • Clothing - you could just use a lint roller, it works wonders with their gowns, especially the ones male dolls wear.

  • Eyes and face - I find that a medium size paint brush or a make up brush remove all the dust from their eyes and faces (including the tricky places like the wrinkles around the eyes). The brushes, obviously, should be clean and dry when used for this purpose. Warning: Please use the brush gently (without applying any force) in order to avoid scratching the doll with the metal part that holds the hairs of the brush together.

  • Hair – gently use your hands to pat any the dust out of their hair.