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Each doll takes me about 12 hours to make.

All the dolls have been made with SuperSculpey polymer clay.

Polymer clay is a sculptable material based on the polymer polyvinyl chloride (PVC). It is only called "clay" because its texture and working properties resemble those of mineral clay. Once baked it becomes very hard plastic.

Below is a complete summary of the stages I have gone through to make each art doll from my Collection 2.

STAGE ONE: I start by making the face of the doll. The core of the head consists of aluminium foil which is scrunched into a scull shaped ball and then covered with masking tape. Using polymer clay, the face is then sculpted on the front part of the scull with the glass eyes inserted during the process. The face is then baked in the oven. Once it has cooled down completely, the back of the head and ears are added and the whole head is baked once more.

STAGE TWO: I sculpt a body and neck which are connected to the head by a thick brass rod. Before baking the body, I insert brass hooks where the arms and legs will be attached. As opposed to the dolls from my first collection, I do not sculpt an anatomically detailed body because these dolls' bodies are then completely covered by cotton fabric to give them a feel of a soft toy.

STAGE THREE: I then sculpt the feet and arms around thick brass or aluminium wire. These too are baked and left overnight.

STAGE FOUR: I decide which will be the colour of the cotton fabric covering the body and the colour of the doll's outfit and dye the fabric with good quality dye. The one I have used so far is Dylon Fabric Dye.

STAGE FIVE: I then attach the arms and legs to the body of the doll and cover them with fabric. This is followed by the making of their outfit which I sew on to their bodies.