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Each Art Doll from Collection 1 is a one-of-a-kind, handmade character with an internal mobile brass structure which allows its arms and legs to rotate. Please visit 'the making process - collection 1' for information on how the dolls are made.


This doll is a work of art and not a toy. It is for display purposes only.
The dolls are not made to stand. The images where they are standing are for illustration purposes only.
It must be protected from heat and direct sunlight. (Please visit the 'doll care advice' page on this website for more information about how to care for the dolls.)
Every doll is a unique creation, no molds are used, therefore imperfections or irregularities are evidence of its handmade nature since it's not mass produced or made by a machine.


About Nina:


Nina was named in honour of the great American singer Nina Simone. I think Nina looks like a noble and kind character, and maybe, in mind mind, like a wife of a Russian Decembrist (with a prominent aquiline nose and proud of it, as all my characters are)...

...The Decembrists (St. Petersburg, December 1825) belonged to the highest aristocracy, they demanded political reforms, mainly the abolition of serfdom (slavery). Their uprising was suppressed by Tsar Nicholas I and they were severely punished. Five of the Decembrists were hanged while others were exiled to Siberia, sentenced to hard labour. Their wives had nobly and selflessly cast aside social privileges and comfort to follow their husbands into exile. The Decembrists and their wives became idols for people in Russia.

Materials used:

Brass, Cernit polymer clay, glass eyes, mohair.
Pyjamas: vintage ivory silk and pure Silk Crępe de Chine.
Dressing gown: Chinese cheongsam style Silk brocade.


Total height: 47cm (including 6cm hair volume).
Seated height: 30cm (including 6cm hair volume).
Weight: 873grams (including clothing).

*All measurements are approximate.


300 EUR


I have moved countries since I made the dolls and in the move one of Nina's feet got a crack because of, unfortunately, not having been properly packed, it did not break because there is a brass wire structure underneath. If I was still making dolls it would have been easy to fix with some polimer clay and a heat gun, but since I haven not been making dolls for more than seven years, I have sold my equipment. I have applied glue to the crack so it is not obvious unless very closely inspected.No discount will be offered because of this imperfection.

If you would like to purchase this doll please visit 'my Etsy shop'. If this doll is not on Etsy please message me and, if it is still available for sale, I will add the listing just for you.